Why LK


Why LKesulal?

We are one of the leading import/export fresh produce companies dedicated to providing our retailers and customers with high-quality products. With over 12 years of experience, LKeshulal International has evolved into a group. We have 5 Wholesale Stores and 10 Cold Storage in the major cities of India like Rajsamand, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. Our main aim is to supply the demand for high-quality fresh produce, with minimizing waste.

We have consistently delivered premium products for the last two decades, which have a longer shelf-life. By providing the best quality we have set several benchmarks for the Competitors. Our aim is to earn the zenith of customer satisfaction by prioritizing the needs of clients.


Cold Storage Facilities

Meeting the supply and quality was currently a challenge with the increasing volume and demand. It required an expanded capacity limit and a sustained supply network in order to deliver fresh produce of the best quality and to limit waste. To answer these difficulties, we established a supply chain. The main cold storage facility was established in Rajsamand, and later such facilities were built cross-sectionally across India to provide the business sectors. Today LKesulal International has over 5 extensive outlets with warehouses and 10 cold storage facilities to maintain the quality of our products.

Our Import Partners