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The Most Common Fruit Myths

Why Fruits Are So Good For You!
March 12, 2020

The Most Common Fruit Myths

LK The world is full of misconceptions -- especially about some of our favorite fruits. Although we may not be able to tell you how they began, we can assure you that these are some of the most common fruit myths and misunderstandings (and the reality behind them).

1. A strawberry is a berry?If you figured a strawberry was a berry, we'll give you a break at this one. It's in the world, after all. Yet contrary to common opinion, a strawberry is, in reality, an "aggregate fruit," because it is made from a flower with several ovaries. Perhaps more unexpectedly, do you know that a banana is a berry?

"Healthy Fruits For Healthy You!"


Fruit helps to lose weight. Eating more fruits helps fill you up without eating a lot of calories because they are naturally low in calories despite being high in fiber and nutrients.

2. People with diabetes can’t eat fruit? The fruit's natural sugars have driven many to believe that fruit is bad for people with diabetes. And while the diet of each individual is special, the fruit, in general, is good for people with diabetes. While fruit is high in natural sugar, it is also high in fiber, slowing down the sugar absorption process in your body. Nonetheless, you should also consult your doctor before making any adjustments to your diet.

3. Strawberries don’t contribute to a healthy diet? Strawberries also get a poor reputation because they only have vitamin C in them, and not much else. Strawberries are also rich in fiber and antioxidants, in addition to their rich levels of vitamin C. They are also fat-free.

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Healthy Fruits For Healthy You!


4. By its skin color, you can tell the ripeness of a mango? Looking at their skin color is the best way to tell the ripeness of most fruits but mangos are the exception to that rule! If the mango is ripe the easiest way to say is to give it a gentle squeeze. A fully mature mango can only budge a bit, but will not be squishy.

5. Avocados contain unhealthy fat? Although avocados are true to contain fat, it is "healthy" fat. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, which is the same fat as peanuts and olive oil has. Unlike most bad fats for you, monounsaturated fat will potentially lower your heart disease risk and enhance your good cholesterol.

6. The fruit is the healthiest when eaten at night? Where this notion came from not really sure but there is really no evidence to support it. One potential idea behind this theory is that it's a nice late-night snack because the fruit is low in calories. While it definitely makes a good midnight snack, the fruit will be just as good for you in the morning, like midnight or evening.

7. Vitamin C is better obtained by consuming more oranges? If you sense a cold coming on, you will definitely not get hurt by an orange, but there are plenty of fruits with more vitamin C in them. Any time you've got the sniffles, grab a cherry, raspberry, pineapple or kiwi — each one has more vitamin C than an orange!

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